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About me...

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Hi!  I'm CHARISSE BURTON, the founder of LIVE YOUR CHOSEN LIFE COACHING, LLC., Speaker, co-founder of The Formidable Focus Movement Mastermind & International Bestselling Author. 

The short answer of what I do Female Business Coaches and leaders serve more people, make more money and create YOUR CHOSEN LIFE!

I've built multiple 6 figure businesses across multiple industries including THRIVING in what I call the PANDEMIC PIVOT!  We did more than survive! And I helped my clients do more than just survive as well.  


I'm a Life & Business Coach with over 20 years of award winning experience teaching and coaching women to reach their version of success whether it be 6 figures and beyond, turning their side hustle into their main hustle or removing the blocks keeping them from reaching their fullest potential. My areas of expertise include getting to the root of issues and creating strategy to move past them, strategic visionary, belief mapping, client attraction, content marketing and sales.

I love spending time with my amazing family!  I'm the mom of 4 grown sons, Zach 29, Zane 25, Zeth 24 and Zion 20 yr.  My wonderful husband of almost 33 years, Andy is my favorite human on the planet and a huge support.

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